April 2009

Latest Training Trip

From Feb. 19 – Mar. 6, 2009 I took a group of six Nova Scotians on a mission trip to Northeast India.  The main purpose was to do a second training session for pastors and church leaders. This was attended by eighty nationals from various churches and held at a great Christian conference facility in Siliguri, West Bengal.

Two days of teaching was also done for a small group at Victory Christian Fellowship in Gangtok, Sikkim, the site of last year’s training. I was able to meet with local pastors and talk about needs that Far Corners Ministry could help with in the future. There is a definite desire for more training opportunities, and for the organization of fellowship times among believers.

Good News! 

 On February 23rd we received the welcome news that Far Corners Ministry had been given final approval as a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. This was the culmination of a year-long process, and was very good news!  The approval is retroactive to the date of application, therefore giving us the ability to receipt all donations made in 2008 – just in time for people’s income tax returns.

Activity Here in Canada

Since the beginning of 2009, I have had many opportunities to share the vision of Far Corners Ministry (FCM).  I have spoken in churches in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, taking part in Sunday services and mission conferences.  There have also been opportunities to meet with mission committees and pastors.  I must say that the response has been very encouraging!  There is a great deal of interest in supporting our desire to enhance the leadership ability of national pastors and bring encouragement to Indian believers.  FCM was represented among the many missions that had displays at Jesus to the Nations in Halifax on March 27th & 28th.  With our CRA approval, more churches are putting Far Corners in their mission budget, and many pastors have expressed an interest in participating in future training.  Ginny and I have appreciated the prayer support of so many, especially our Board of Directors, who are always there to encourage and offer their wisdom.  This last trip, like the first, was a great experience that enriched both the Canadians and Indian nationals alike.

What’s Next?

We have begun thinking about the next trip, which will probably take place in October/November 2009.  We would like to use the same facilities in Siliguri, and, along with training for church leaders, run a conference for women, and provide a children’s program.  This will open up opportunities for both pastors and lay people with various gifts to be part of a short term mission project.  So please be in prayer for these plans, that we will have wisdom and clarity as we go forward. We would also like to develop a more organized curriculum that would allow us to cover a balanced group of topics over several training sessions on a rotating basis.  This needs prayerful investigation and discussion over the coming weeks and months.  I have also been asked by national church leaders to assist them in organizing annual fellowship gatherings for believers. There are no concrete plans for church construction at this time, but it is still under consideration as there are many things to look into. 

We are planning to send out a newsletter at least three times a year – December, April and August.  We’ll also be looking into establishing a website.  As soon as plans are finalized for the next trip, we will get information out to people. So if you are interested in joining a future mission trip, please feel free to get in touch with me.  I’ve enclosed a copy of the brochure that was done for Jesus to the Nations.  If you or your church would like additional copies, please let me know, and they’ll be sent out by mail.  Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support as we strive to be faithful to this ministry that God has called us to!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Shant Manuel
Executive Director, Far Corners Ministry

The lack of knowledge of the Word of God is unfortunately being passed on to the next generation of believers.  Therefore the training of pastors is an urgent need.
- Biraj, a marine engineer & layperson in West Bengal