December 2014

Dear Friends of Far Corners Ministry,

Before this year comes to a close, I wanted to write and let you know just how much your support has meant to us in 2014.  We want to thank you for encouraging us through prayer, through your financial gifts and through your interest in the work that God is doing in North East India.

Ginny and a team of six other volunteers just returned from India on November 22nd - four from Winnipeg and two from Dartmouth.  She was very excited to see the variety of ministry that Far Corners is doing in partnership with dedicated national leaders.  Leadership retreats were held in both Siliguri and Jaigaon, and were a great blessing to those attending – approximately 80 pastors and 120 ladies.  We see a growing interest for this type of leadership training, and we’re seeking to continually improve what we are able to offer them for short term training opportunities. 

The team members were able to meet most of the pastor’s children involved in our school sponsorship program.  We are continuing to add more children to this program, which helps these families afford a better quality of education.  We continue to reach out to the poor with the distribution of blankets and mosquito nets, and see the differences that these simple gifts make in their lives. These types of mercy ministries are very important as it gives us an opportunity to show Christ’s love to the greater community in a real, tangible way.

Our present construction project is helping one church to expand and complete their building.  This church has been waiting for five years, hoping that somehow they would be able to complete their building.  So they were very excited to have two of the Canadian volunteers labour with them as the work began in November.  The cost of this work is approximately $3000.00, and should be completed in another week.


This year has seen some new initiatives, as we are facilitating new educational programs in partnership with PPRERNA, a local ministry that was started some years ago by our regional coordinator, Shakti, along with other local believers.  They have started a kindergarten program, and also an educational program for children with special needs, especially autism spectrum disorder.  There is also a new church fellowship meeting at their office, and an expanding youth program which is providing monthly youth leadership training.

Far Corners has also been able to give financial support for local evangelistic outreach and it is exciting to see the great work being done to reach people and places that we as Canadians cannot.  This is a true example of the potential of partnership in mission!  In one such amazing evangelistic outreach in 2013 there were 1,500 conversions within a few days with 6,000 in attendance.  This year just before that November trip, another outreach was held that saw 16,000 in attendance.  So, please pray that God will continue to do great things in West Bengal.

In 2015 there will be new opportunities for churches and individuals to provide ongoing support and mentoring for pastors who are working to grow strong churches in areas that previously have had little or no Christian witness.  We are very thankful for the network of passionate, mature and trustworthy people that God is allowing us to work with in India.  Please continue to pray for the visa situation that has affected the March 2012 team.  While in Delhi, Ginny was able to connect with some government officials, and leave letters and documentation with one particular official who has the power to change things.  We are trusting that God is in control of this, and praying expectantly for His solution.  Because I was born in India, I will be able to get a different designation that will allow me unobstructed travel in and out of the country, so I expect to be there in the spring.

On behalf of Ginny and the Far Corners Ministry Board of Directors, I want to thank you very much for your generous support for the work we conduct in NE India.  If you have any questions I am only an email or a call away.

Until we see each other again I remain,

Yours, in the Lord’s service,

Rev. Dr. Shant Manuel

Executive Director

Far Corners Ministry