February 2016

Dear Friends in Mission,

It is now exactly eight years since a team of nine people went to North East India on our first mission trip. We began by faith and in obedience to a call that I had received to train pastors. Over time, this ministry has extended to include training and encouragement to pastoral couples, women in leadership, and youth; the construction and renovation of small churches; blankets and mosquito nets; providing funds for better quality schooling; monthly pastoral assistance; church planting; and most recently, a major community development project.

In November we were able to sponsor a retreat for pastors and wives that was very well received, and plans are being made to continue providing this type of encouragement and resources that will result in stronger local churches. Presently, we are working with Shakti and his team of pastors and volunteers, to continue the work begun in 2015 on the community development project. They are currently involved in cultivating land for the growth of rice and vegetables, finishing the buildings that will house the poultry farm starting, and providing schooling to children from this needy village.

Most of the income from this poultry farm will be used for financial help for pastors, evangelical outreach, and helping with the cost of different projects for the future. These projects, along with several others, will provide finances for self-sufficiency and hope for the future.

FCM will not gain financially from these projects, but they will help to reduce overall ministry costs. Psalm 36:8 reads, They feast on the abundance of your house: you give them drink from your river of delights, which assures us that those who trust God for His supply will be abundantly satisfied.

The two pictures that you see depict the actualization of the steps of faith taken by FCM and our hard working partners in West Bengal. The volunteer staff and helpers send their deep gratitude for the help and encouragement they receive through donors like you in Canada. They are amazed at how the partnership has made an obvious impact on their lives. I must add that it has made a great impact in our lives as well. Over these short years, beside the ministries mentioned already, with your help, we were able to plant five small churches. Our pastors are preaching the Word and are seeing many lives transform through the personal nurture of their faith in Christ. As well, we provide them with basics for living and see growth in the Kingdom, in remote and needy parts of West Bengal.

From March 22nd to April 8th, Pastor Steve Hiltz and I will be traveling to Nepal to share at two pastoral retreats, and to spend time encouraging the local church leaders. Please remember us in your prayers during this time. The next major mission trip will be in November 2016, and will be an opportunity for volunteers to travel to India and perhaps Nepal also. There are many new and exciting ministry projects to experience, along with retreats with the local believers. Contact me if you are interested in this trip, or in March 2017.

As Executive Director, I want to express my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your generous giving. We also value and ask for your continued prayer support. Please do not hesitate to call me if there are any questions. I would be most willing to visit your church, to personally say thanks for your generous support, and to share some of the real life changes that are taking place in the lives of people in North East India.

Yours in the Lord’s service,

Rev. Dr. Shant Manuel Executive

Director Far Corners Ministry