July 2017

Dear Friends in Mission,

In this newsletter, I would like to share with you the experiences of Pastor Shawn and Diane, a young couple who travelled to India on a recent ministry trip with Far Corners Ministry. Enjoy reading their story . . .

Pastor Shawn and Diane’s Experience in India

This past March, we had the privilege of traveling with Marlene Knowles to India for a short-term mission trip. Although we knew that there would be some features about India that would be different than our culture, we hadn’t expected all that we saw (and smelled!).

While we were there, we had the privilege of meeting and working with Shakti, who took such good care of us. We were extremely blessed by the passion that he has for Christ, which is the driving factor behind everything that he does. During our time in India, we had the opportunity to experience and help out in different ways.

Pastor Shawn had the opportunity to preach at two churches on two different Sundays. The worship and prayer time was so meaningful. Hearing children and adults singing and praying in a different language was so amazing! Preaching with a translator was also a new experience but we could sense the Holy Spirit at work.

Diane and Marlene led workshop sessions at a women’s retreat in Shakti’s community. The women were all moms who have a desire to bring glory to God through the seemingly mundane everyday tasks required when raising a family. This retreat was a rare time of spiritual refreshment for them and we were blessed to be a part of it.

One of the main teaching times was at a youth leaders conference. It was a wonderful experience to share with a room of over 70 young adults who are, in many cases, the only leaders involved with leading youth programs at their churches. They soaked everything in and it was a wonderful experience sharing with them and getting to know them.

During our last week, we taught sessions at a pastors and wives retreat. It was a lot of fun teaching them about the five love languages. It seemed that the couples had a very refreshing time spending time together and away from their ministry responsibilities. For many, it was their first time travelling away from their towns!

We visited several ministry projects that Far Corners Ministry funds. We saw a chicken farm, weaving training project, sewing training project, as well as church buildings. These projects provide a way for those involved to learn a skill that can help them support their families.

One of the things that we’ll remember the most is the wonderful hospitality we received from everyone that we crossed paths with. It seemed that every place that we stopped, there was a group of people waiting to welcome us and spend time talking with us about what God is doing in their community. Seeing the passion that the pastors and the church leaders have in serving the Lord and spreading the Gospel in India was amazing. Many of them have to work a second job in order to be able to support their families; yet, here they are, eager to spread the news about God’s love and forgiveness to their communities.

We were blessed by our time there and pray that our efforts will have a lasting impact in the communities.

Pastor Shawn and Diane Tait Sussex, NB


If you would like to be a part of a challenging and enriching ministry experience in North East India, you might want to consider joining us on a future mission trip.  The next opportunity is October 26-November 11, 2017.  There are still openings for people who are interested in sharing, teaching, or just spending time with our vatious ministry partners and seeing the exciting ways that God is using people in different communities.

As always, please know that your prayer and ministry support is very valuable, and continues to encourage us as we work for His purposes in India!

Yours in the Lord’s service,

Rev. Dr. Shant Manuel

Executive Director Far Corners Ministry