October 2016

Dear Friends in Mission,

As mentioned in our last newsletter, I spent several weeks in Nepal in March of this year. Pastor Steve Hiltz and I were privileged to share at two pastoral retreats, and to spend time encouraging the local church leaders. Thankfully, we were not in the middle of any earthquakes this year! It was a great blessing to hand over gifts of money to twelve families in Kathmandu that were impacted by last year’s devastation. These funds will assist them in rebuilding their lives, and were very generously given by various donors in eastern Canada.

Through our partners in West Bengal we have been very busy with many avenues of ministry. We have seen the completion of our poultry farm project and they have already realized profits from it that will support ongoing ministry. There continues to be many opportunities to reach out to villages and start new house churches. We are now sponsoring several pastors on a monthly basis, and this is helping them to minister in their churches and provide for their families. Currently, we are seeking sponsors for three more deserving pastors at $95 per month.

Latest Projects:

In addition to our ongoing needs, there are always new ways that we can encourage and bless the people in this area. Currently, two new vocational training projects are underway. One will provide a three-month course in tailoring and sewing for eight women, giving them the skills necessary to support themselves and their families. The other will provide training and initial materials for 25 people to start bee-keeping businesses. The products from this type of business are in demand, and the profits are very good for a relatively small investment. The bee-keeping project is mainly aimed at local villagers, but will also provide training for several pastors. Presently, we are looking for donors to assist in the construction of a small church building for the congregation of one of our sponsored pastors. Land has been generously given, and the cost of construction will be approximately $7,000.

Our first gift catalogue:

We are very excited about the launch of our first gift catalogue, and invite you to look through the enclosed copy. You can also visit www.farcornersministry.org/giftcatalogue to view it and donate online. This catalogue can be used any time of year, and provides opportunities to give to a wide range of needs - basically, everything from “chicks to churches”. Please contact us if you would like additional copies, or need a large quantity for church or group projects.

The next team from Canada will be in India November 9-26th of this year. They will be sharing at retreats for men and women in leadership as well as visiting many new and exciting ministry projects. Please contact me if you are interested in being part of a life-changing mission trip in March or November of 2017.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of this ministry. We value your continued prayer support, and the encouragement that we receive from so many of you. Both Ginny and I are available to come and speak to small groups or churches, and would be happy to bring a presentation on the latest happenings in our special “far corner” of the world.

Yours in the Lord’s service,

Rev. Dr. Shant Manuel

Executive Director Far Corners Ministry