April 2020 - Current Need In India

April 17, 2020  Dear Friends,
We are certainly living in challenging times!  Times when many individuals are uncertain about their income, job security and health.  Churches also face the uncertainty of fluctuating levels of support and decisions about staffing, etc.  But, despite these uncertainties, as Canadians, we are living with so many blessings.  We have been concerned about the situation in India and have been thankful to be able to keep sending our usual monthly support to our pastors, churches, and other projects.  We are very grateful for the continued support of individuals and churches that make this possible!  We are sending this letter out today in response to an email that we received yesterday from our regional coordinator in North Eastern India.  We ask that you read his email below and respond in some small way if you are able.  Any funds given will go directly to providing food for the poor, some of whom are fortunate to be getting even one meal a day at this time.
Hi Ginny and Shant,  

After 21 days lock down the positive cases in India is around 12795 death is 428. The spread is quit slow compared to other countries or maybe screening/test is not happening rapidly, whatever may be the reason but it is not spreading all over the place.  But due to lock down the situation of poor people is going bad to worse, many families going without food. Without daily earnings, which was their only way to feed their family. The government is trying their best to look after the needy people to provide food, but the help is not sufficient for that long lock down.  Some NGOs, Christian organisations are coming up to help side by side, as Govt has appealed to NGOs and Christian organisations to come up to help in need.

So, when I see all the need, I feel being a charitable organisation, we should also do something at least to our church peoples, ie. Atiabari, Kalchini, Garam Basti and at tea gardens and other tribal areas who are in real need.  If we can provide at least 1 sac of rice (25 Kilo) 500/- and other main necessary food product oil, salt, etc. of 300/- = Rs 800 to each family would be great help to poor people, and by this help they can have food at least for 10 days.  This is a prayer request for you, if you can raise fund for this help, would be very meaningful in this time of need. We are also trying to do from our church fund, but we don't have much funds. … Thanks, S. Kumar

As you may know the Modi government has extended this lockdown until May 3rd which means at least another 16 days of extreme hardship for the poor. A donation of $15 (Rs 800) will supply rice and other essentials that will provide a family with simple food for 10 days. We have already sent an initial transfer of funds to our regional coordinator but would like to do much more for these most vulnerable people. You can respond by sending a direct e-transfer to info@farcornersministry.org  or by giving through Paypal on our secure website – https://farcornersministry.org  or by mailing a cheque in the enclosed envelope. Even if you are unable to help financially please keep the work of Far Corners Ministry and our national partners in your prayers. 

Sincerely, in Christ’s name,     “For I was hungry and you fed me …” – Matthew 25:35a

 Rev. Dr. Shant Manuel,

Executive Director, Far Corners Ministry