We support the growing church in Northeast India by training local pastors and lay leaders, building churches, and helping the poor. FCM presently works in the states of West Bengal and Sikkim.

Training & Church Construction

In this unique part of the country, surrounded by Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Bangladesh, great numbers of people are coming to know Christ and many churches are forming. However, many church leaders do not have the opportunity to go to college or seminary, yet they need and desire leadership training. Far Corners Ministry provides short-term theological training sessions for local pastors and lay leaders. We seek to strengthen local believers by encouraging fellowship and personal spiritual growth through conferences for men, women, and youth, and through ministry to children.

Many congregations meet in structures made of thatched bamboo walls with mud floors. Far Corners Ministry has partnered with several congregations to build sturdy, modest churches.  This gives them a secure, safe, and more permanent place to meet.  In other situations, the partnership is used to help needy congregations finish church buildings that they have begun and not had the means to finish, often being used in an unfinished state for years.

Helping People in Need

As we go about the first two objectives and get to know local people, we encounter many opportunities to help those who are very poor. Through both planned and spontaneous gifts, we are able to provide for tangible everyday needs.  This can be something small but impactful such as a mosquito net or a blanket for someone who has none.  We provide school fund sponsorships for pastor’s children so that they can receive an adequate standard of education, or tutoring to upgrade their studies.  More recently, we are involved in giving modest monthly support to pastors working in new fields of ministry.   Through a local partnership in West Bengal, Far Corners Ministry is helping to fund a faith-based kindergarten and classes for special needs children.  Through this same partnership we are now involved in a community development project which gives the local village the means to grow their own crops, have increased educational opportunities for their children, and obtain vocational training.  Self-sustaining projects have begun which will help support pastors and leaders involved in Christian ministry.

Far Corners Ministry is a recognized charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and an associate member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) - CRA # BN 812210615 RR0001.