October 2020

October 30, 2020 

Dear Friends in Mission,

These past six months have certainly been full of challenges and unexpected changes!  Back in mid-April we sent out an appeal to donors and supporting churches to answer a request from India for emergency food relief.  This was needed as India had experienced a sudden and severe lockdown due to the start of the coronavirus outbreak.  In a country where so many people depend on day to day work to simply survive, this was a very real and urgent need.  Through our assistance a family would have the basics to eat for ten days for just $15.00!

We posted an initial report on our website in May telling of the wonderful support and the numbers of families helped.  Now we would like to share the amazing results of this ministry project, which reached far beyond our expectations.  But then again, we should not be surprised by the generosity of God’s people who are moved by His Spirit, and willing to be used for His purpose.  In total Far Corners Ministry received over $18,000 for emergency food relief, and we are very pleased to say that every cent was forwarded to our coordinator in India for distribution to those in need!

We were able to coordinate this food distribution in various areas through the pastors and churches that we support or have worked with in the past.  This was done as they dealt with escalating prices, limited shop hours and restrictions on local travel.  They started with the families associated with the churches where our pastors minister, and then spread out to include families in the mission field areas of those churches.  These were opportunities to show Christ’s love to both believers and non-believers alike in a real tangible way.  We also provided help to many needy pastors, and to quarantine centers in villages where believers where trying to take care of the many migrant workers who the government had sent back to their homes from the major cities.  As the need for relief continued over several months, they also revisited some of the families with a second round of help.  In response to this help many of our pastors have seen new families coming to church and wanting to learn more about Christ.  “There are many such stories, even in this tough situation God is doing His work in His own way, and He is giving us the opportunity to glorify His Name.” - our coordinator


So we want to say a very big “THANK YOU” to everyone who gave to this need and allowed us to have the privilege of helping in Christ’s name!  We have so many pictures of people receiving these vital gifts it is hard to choose, but we wanted to share a few with you.

We would like to bring you some other ministry news.  You may have noticed that earlier we referred to our coordinator in India, who many of you are familiar with.  While we usually refer to him by name, we have chosen not to do so at this time.  There has been increasing pressure put on faith-based organizations in India, making it more challenging to receive funding and carry on ministry.  Just last week it came to our attention that Far Corners Ministry had been named online, and certain untrue accusations made that could draw the wrong kind of government attention in India.  So for now we have turned off our website, deleted our Facebook page, and are being careful about bringing undue attention to our partners in India.  Our FCM email – info@farcornersministry.org – is still working and available to be used for communication and direct e-transfer donations.  Please pray for wisdom for us, our Board, and those working in India at this time.

As you know we had to cancel the planned March 2020 mission trip as all international travel shut down, and similarly we will not be going to Nepal or India this November.  We had hopes of going in March 2021, but that has been replaced by a more realistic hope for a trip in November 2021.  The new church that was under construction is nearly done, as the final stages where held up due to the coronavirus lockdowns, and a longer than usual rainy season.  The teachers at the nursery school have been conducting classes virtually, and they have seen an increase in their enrollment.  There are further plans to expand this education ministry into a nearby village location.

To help facilitate ongoing ministry, we were able to provide a Zoom subscription to our coordinator, and here is some of what he had to say in July – “ … this has become a great tool for ministry …We are continuing with virtual fellowships, meetings, bible study, training, etc..  I am having meetings and fellowship with our pastors once in a week and bible study every day with whoever can join.  I am having a wonderful and blessed time, and many new people are joining us … God is giving great opportunity during this lockdown situation.”  And in September he also wrote, “Our church community and Christian leaders are learning how to use it for various programs.  It has been very helpful and effective.  Another good thing is happening, all pastors and leaders across India are coming together once a month over Zoom.  One thousand pastors and leaders praying together is a very blessed experience.  We thank God for you that in this tough situation also we are getting all kinds of help and support from you all.  We always uphold you all in our prayers.”

Please continue to pray for the many needs and opportunities for ministry.  We still have some funding needs so that all of our monthly commitments are covered by pledged regular giving, so please consider joining as a monthly supporter.  We would also like to start supporting a couple of additional pastors in the near future, as funds become available.  The total monthly cost for each pastor would be in the range of $90 - $120 per month.  Another plan is to fund some projects to help our pastors have other sources of income for their families, such as small agricultural projects.  

So thank you again for all of your support and encouragement!
In Christ, 
Shant & Ginny Manuel

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