UPDATE - Emergency Food Relief Distribution

May 9, 2020 

Dear Friends in Mission,

We would like to give you an update on the recent emergency food relief project undertaken by Far Corners Ministry after requests for help came from India.  We are humbled and thrilled by the response we have received!  We have been able to send more funds than anticipated to our regional coordinator for distribution to the poor who are in great need in northern West Bengal.  And even more funds will be sent over the next few weeks.  Providing this help has been challenging as they deal with escalating prices, limited shop hours and restrictions on local travel, but S. Kumar has been able to coordinate this food distribution in various areas through the pastors and churches that we support or have worked with in the past.  Here is a summary of what our ministry leaders have been able to do in Christ’s name thanks to your wonderful support:

First round of distribution: 87 families given basic food for approx. 10 days such as rice, salt and oil - mostly in tea garden areas

In tea garden areas, people’s source of income is totally closed and our coordinator mentioned that, “ … some families were without proper food for some days and while receiving the help they were literally in tears.

Second round of distribution: 145 families given basic food that also included potato, lentils, soy chunks & biscuits

Third round of distribution: This has just taken place with approx. 140 families helped, and we are waiting on more details.

All of the families were really in great need.  All families who got the help with food products were very thankful and a heartful thanks has been sent to me to forward to Far Corners Ministry. Thanks for your quick response and initiation of this great work.”
- S Kumar (our regional coordinator), for Far Corners Ministry India

So thank you again for all of your support.  Please continue to prayer for this ministry and all those so severely affected by this situation.

In Christ,
Shant & Ginny Manuel